Good Hopers Staying Connected

02 Apr, 2020

Over these challenging times demanding for social distancing and self-isolation, we feel a strong need to re-assuring you that we stay connected nevertheless.

GHSPSA Mentoring Programme 2019-20 Successfully Launched

07 Dec, 2019

Our first-ever alumnae mentoring programme opened for applications in August 2019. We received an overwhelming response of 64 applications, of which we have successfully matched 58. We were excited to see a great participation at our inaugural event on 7 December, and their excitement is evident. We wish all participants a successful mentorship experience in the year to come.

「一百零一次多謝 - 吉巴氏症康復日記」

06 Jan, 2020

【Alumni News】我們有時候聽見有人對注射防疫針有恐懼,也許不太理解。我們有一個好朋友,既是德望舊生兼前老師,Paul Poon就有這麽一個相關的經歷。他將自身經歷寫成書出版,書名為「一百零一次多謝 - 吉巴氏症康復日記」,作者「潘宅」。全書十三萬字,記述他在2009年注射防疫針後得病,全身癱瘓,生命處於死亡邊緣,經十一個月治療後康復出院。所記的不是注射防疫針的利弊,而是人生處於最逆境時,自己的信心勇氣和身邊朋友親人的不離不棄,能如何逆轉乾坤,才是這書的精神所在。


Volunteers Needed for GHS Primary Fun Fair on Dec 14

04 Dec, 2019

There is no better way to count down to Christmas by sharing love and spreading joy! We invite you to join our course as we set to bring big smiles to our little sisters at the GHS Primary Fun Fair.

PSA Volunteering at GHS Primary Funfair Again

14 Dec, 2019

Another year comes and goes! This December, PSA once again participated at the GHS Primary School Funfair on 14 December 2019 as volunteers, bringing joy and offering service for our little sisters. Together, we raised a total of HK$19,200 out of these two booths. All proceeds from the funfair will be used to upgrade the primary school’s facilities, from walls, pipes, flooring to projectors and other school equipments.

Book Club's November Meeting

05 Nov, 2019

[Meeting rescheduled from Oct 26 to Nov 30] Join the Book Club on Nov 30 (Sat) at 10am and immerse yourself in a stunning narrative of a murder in Northern Ireland. We will read Patrick Radden Keefe's "Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland" We meet at club member’s home so please email us at for details.


GHSPSA is founded to connect Good Hopers of the past and present, near and afar, and to carry forth the core values of our alma mater -  Love, Hope, Joy, and Thanksgiving - in many different ways. Find out more about us here.



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