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Connect with Hopers Worldwide

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Once a Good Hoper, forever a Good Hoper. Wherever you are, we would also love to hear from you! You can share any news of yourself or your classmates with us, and we will help you broadcast them. Please email us your pictures and stories / event descriptions to with your name and year of graduation (F5).

You can also stay connected with our alma mater via the above channels.

Become a GHSPSA Member


The Past Student Association of Good Hope School sincerely invites you to become part of us!

According to the Constitution of the Association, to be eligible as a life member of the Association ("Life Member"), one must be a Past Student who has attended the School for primary or secondary school education for at least one (1) academic year. Upon receiving your completed form, PSA will acknowledge your application via email.

We welcome all past students of Good Hope School who have studied for one year or more at primary or secondary to enroll as "Life Members"; all teachers and staff, past or present, who has served for one year or more at Good Hope School, are welcome to join as "Associate Members". Please fill out the form below to complete the process.

Due to the adoption of a new Constitution in September 2011, we also ask all previous members of the Association to kindly renew their membership here. All information collected will only be used by the Association and will not be shared with any other parties.

Upon receiving your completed form, PSA will acknowledge your application via email. Welcome to the GHSPSA family!

Volunteer with GHSPSA


We rely on our members to volunteer to help us in organizing and implementing activities for the past and current students from time to time. Throughout the year, we will advertise for volunteers on our website, social media and via email. Look out for our next recruitment and we are very excited to have you volunteering with us!

Donation to GHSPSA

We welcome any donations to GHSPSA Limited and GHSPSA Foundation Limited all year round. Please download and complete the donation form and return to us together with the cheque by post to GHSPSA, 303 Clear Water Bay Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

For enquiries, please feel free to contact us at

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