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Promotion:Buy four bottles or above to enjoy a one-time free delivery service. *Please note that this limited edition sake does not include the wood sake box.





Pre-order Period:1st - 15th October, 2022

Expected Delivery Date:10th December, 2022 onwards




德望舊生會再度與舊生Candace合作,以母校冠名,呈獻「Celebration of Bonding 德望舊生會 x 大湖 限量版特别純米酒」。由大湖清酒釀製及包裝,由釀造到入樽、酒瓶均全部日本製造,以優質佳釀記錄美好的團聚。




Limited edition Good Hope sake is back and is ready to rock your Christmas!


Nothing marks a true celebration of bonding more than a partnership with a fellow alumna, which brings about a sake bearing the name of our dear school standing high on Kowloon’s verdant slope! This limited-edition Tokubetsu Junmai from Taiko Sake is brewed, bottled, packaged and handled in Japan with love and care, and is the ultimate collectible to commemorate comradery.


Profits: All profits, minus costs, will be used to support the operation of GHSPSA. GHSPSA will also exercise discretion to use part of the fund as donation to support GHS and the MIC sisters as needed.


About Ms. Candace Poon (Class of 2001)

Representative of Taiko Sake Hong Kong 

Miss Sake Hong Kong 2020 Champion 

Member of Sake Sommelier Association 

WSET LEVEL 3 Sake Sommelier Graduate 


As a Good Hoper I am very honoured and grateful to have the opportunity to work with the GHSPSA team in creating this limited-edition sake called, “A Celebration of Bonding”. I have always been fond of cross-cultural experiences and being Miss Sake Hong Kong has given me the opportunity to promote the beauty of Japanese culture through the appreciation of sake. 


According to Mr. Hiro Yoshikawa, the 18th Generation of Taiko Sake, the craftsmanship that it takes to create one bottle of sake is like taking care of an infant. Overseeing the fermentation process through night and day requires years of experience. To create taste consistency for each bottle requires great attention to detail. 


Even though nowadays there are machines to automate the sake production, Taiko Sake still insists on producing their sake the traditional way. They believe tradition needs to be preserved and respected but at the same time welcoming new ideas like this collaboration with the GHSPSA. Together, let’s celebrate the cultural exchange of tradition and new ideas. Taiko Sake is very happy to share their traditional craft and sake to all the Good Hopers.



*Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor (under 18) in the course of business.

德望舊生會 x 大湖 限量版特别純米

  • [大湖清酒特别純米]

    容  量:720ml


    釀酒 米:100%山田錦 

    旨口 度:Medium

    厚  度:Medium

    口  味:

    此款清酒是純米酒種的特級, 已連續多年在倫敦清酒比賽中被受賞最高榮譽,大受歡迎。此款清酒的精密步合是達到吟釀級。 它有豐富的米香和奶香味,而且有持久的甘味在徘徊。 這款清酒非常適合配搭多種類型的食物。






    [Taiko Tokubetsu Junmai]


    Seimai Buai:60% 

    Sake Rice:100% Yamadanishiki




    Taiko Tokubetsu Junmai is an award winning sake. It has been receiving the highest grading award in the London Sake Challenge. The rice polishing in this sake is the same as Ginjo style. It has a flavorful taste of rice and cream. Prolonged finishing with the taste of sweetness of rice. This sake is full of richness and is perfect for Pairing with a variety of food.


    Recommend Pairing:Hotpot, Robata, Teppanyaki, Yakiniku, Izakaya


    Storage:Please keep the sake in a fridge at 5-10 degrees. Once opened, please finish the bottle as soon as possible for best quality.

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